Collaborative personalised care
Consultation, diagnosis and operative treatment of wide range of conditions is offered to patients and referring primary care doctors. Services cover the wide range of conditions normally associated with a general consulting and operating surgeon.

Personalised treatment planning within a multi-disciplinary team is at the core of service provided.

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Following referral, which is by letter, secure electronic transfer or phone, patients are given an appointment to discuss their medical concerns.
After physical examination, an explanation of options is given along with an explanation of risks and complications. This involves full consideration of the patient’s particular wishes and circumstances, including timing and place of further treatment.
Laboratory tests and radiology procedures are sometimes necessary before treatment options can be given. Results come to Mr Knight and the referring doctor.
Following your initial consultation and examination it may be necessary to return for a discussion of test results and treatment options. A detailed letter is sent to the referring doctor with a copy offered to the patient.

Health Information Services
A strength of our team is to provide individual tailored searches by Dallas Knight (MHealSci Otago) health information specialist. For information specific to your particular needs in order to make better health decisions you only have to ask.

Individual Consideration
The Practice Manager (Cathy) is available to you for support and direction with any queries. .

Minor operations are carried out in the Clive Square operating theatre. Royston Hospital (click here) is also used for operations with day-stay or longer stay as needed. Patients can choose public or private surgical options.

Booking the hospital if surgery is required
If surgery is necessary, it will be arranged for you, and you will be given relevant information together with the costs involved for a hospital admission.

Estimate of costs involved.
Estimates will include the following fees.

Surgeon's fee
Anesthetist's fee
Hospital charge (theatre fee, bed/recovery fee)

You will receive separate accounts from your surgeon, anaesthetist and the hospital. Consultation and examination is necessary before any estimate of costs for procedures.
Some procedures are covered by ACC or if you have health insurance this may cover all or part of the cost.

Health Insurance
Your insurance company will need an estimate of the costs of your medical treatment and this can be supplied.

Referral is not always necessary. Men wishing to discuss this permanent method of sterilization are given an initial appointment where they have the opportunity to determine if this is right for them. At this appointment, the steps and risks involved to achieve this outcome are discussed and a suitable date is arranged. The operating theatre in the Napier clinic is used..
Total cost of vasectomy, consultation and monitoring: $366.00 including GST, (to be paid at the time of the procedure). This includes:

Pre-operative consultation
Post-operative medication
Vasectomy procedure
Follow up and monitoring of semen results

For further information consult the Vasectomy page (click here).


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