Diagnostic Tests

Often further tests and examinations are necessary for diagnosis and during surveillance. Results and reports from these tests are sent to this practice and to your referring doctor. You will usually need an appointment to discuss the results. Information on these links may not always apply to New Zealand conditions.

Biopsy MedlinePlus
Blood pressure measurement National Heart Lung and Blood Inst (US)
Blood tests US Department of Health General information
Colonoscopy (examination of the bowel) National Institute of Health (UK)
CT Scan Mayo Clinic (US)
Doppler examination MedlinePlus (US)
Gastroscopy BestTreatments(UK)
Fine needle aspiration WebMed topic overview
Laparoscopy ehealthMD
Mammogram US National Institutes of Health
MRI (Magnetic resonance image) scan Cleveland Clinic (US)
Sigmoidoscopy (examination of the rectum) National Diseases Clearing House (UK)
Ultrasound scans PatientUK
Urine test WebMD
X-rays MedlinePlus
Lymph node biopsy WebMD

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