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Mr Doug Knight is a consultant surgeon with sub-specialist training in vascular surgery. As a specialist in General Surgery, he strives to provide personal and timely care of his patients. Close collaboration with the referring doctor and other specialists is a hallmark of this practice. Seamless care is an aim.

Cathy Pate is based in the Clive Square Napier rooms. Cathy brings nearly 30 years experience working with health professionals. She will endeavour to assist you by making the necessary arrangements efficiently with a caring and thoughtful approach.

Each patient's individual requirements and preferences are of the highest regard to Mr Knight and his staff.

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This web site aims to provide information on this practice and to link you to sites which are most likely to have trusted information.

Surgical management of conditions is often an effective, definitive and safe process. However some patients have a longer and more complex journey. This is made as comfortable as possible with the considerable expertise and experience available in this practice.

The information links provided are to reinforce the advice you receive from qualified sources and to help you take control or your surgical health.

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